Paul Greiner


Hi there,

my name is Paul. I am a California born, Bavarian based researcher working with Stefan Evert, head of FAU's chair of Computational Corpus Linguistics (CCL).

Professional interest lies in everything concerning natural language processing (NLP) in research as well as real world application, specifically identification and measurement of semantic textual similarity and polarity classification. During my studies, I focused on rule-based systems, performing the shift to statistical techniques in the recent years.

Currently, I am occupied with my PhD thesis which will explore the possibilities of refining semantic text clustering by applying techniques from text summarization and key-word extraction. This will turn out really handy for a number of applications, most notably the analysis of online polls or other digitally accessible text collections for the purpose of market research. For this endeavor I coined the term Natural Language Condensation (NLC). For a quick overview about the most important buzzwords, check out this fancy flow chart. There is also a complete concept sketch with more detailed information about the thesis, should you be interested.

Non-professional interests are manifold, ranging from rock climbing to playing the guitar. Stuff I like as much as everybody else includes travelling distant countries, enjoying good food and watching the occasional sci-fi movie.

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My teaching with the computational corpus linguistics group Erlangen has been done in German so far. Should you be interested in English content, feel free to ask.


Initially, I put up winking faces around here to mark entries that were not to be taken seriously. Then it became hard to identify content in between all those emojis, so I decided to do away with them. Viewer discretion is advised ;)


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